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Job Seeker Drop-In

Thurs. October 2nd @ 3pm-6pm

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Monthly Meeting

Sat. October 18th @ 3pm

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Community Development Committee Meeting

Tues. October 14th @ 6pm

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Thursday Nights Roc Da Mic

Thurs. September 25th @ 9pm

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GDZ Tour

Thurs. September 25th @ 8am-9am

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In 2007, PUSH established its first rental property as a centerpiece of affordable housing and local job creation. Our first two properties, which were acquired and rehabilitated by our organization and our members, were 3-unit buildings on Massachusetts Avenue and Chenango Street.

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Upcoming: Let's take the momentum from our public meeting on School 77 into our next Community Development Committee Meeting
, Tues. October 14th, 2014

Local group protests overcharges by National Fuel Gas

Hundreds hope for help with heat 

Community organizing is the lifeblood of PUSH. Since 2005, with the success of our Block by Block campaign, we have called on neighborhood residents and allies to participate in half a dozen direct-action and legislative campaigns. 

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PUSH Green

Green Building Retrofits for small businesses & non-profits

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Why PUSH Green? Because Winter is Coming. Get Energy Efficient. Contact us today!

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PUSH’s main achievement in scaling up energy efficiency retrofits in Buffalo, is Green Jobs – Green New York, an innovative law drafted in partnership with the Center for Working Families in NYC.

In 2012, PUSH Buffalo founded PUSH Green, a non-profit weatherization and energy efficiency program.

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Blog updates

  • Under The Radar - Operation Rebuild Buffalo

        By Francis White   One of my favorite FaceBook bloggers from Buffalo NY put up an interesting metaphor the other day about Buffalo being like the old board game "Operation".  "Living in ‪#‎BuffaloNY‬ (or I should say trying to put the town back together again, whatever that means) is like playing that old school board game "Operation". It's a body or patient whose had some of its insides removed.

  • Under The Radar - Old VS. New Urbanism

      By Francis White  In theory and in practice, PUSH Buffalo Executive Director Aaron Bartley gives some interesting insight on the concept of New Urbanism in sustainable living. Here's a link to the story.  

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GSNC Youth Center

UPDATE: GSNC Girl & Guy Talk Youth Job Fair 

The mission of PUSH’s Grant Street Neighborhood Center (GSNC) is to provide an open, safe and productive community space with resources and programs that respond to expressed community needs.

The Grant Street Neighborhood Center serves as a drop-in community center for the public. Our open, safe and productive space provides daily activities and programming that are intentionally infused with opportunities to build critical consciousness through participatory education.

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