Fuel The 99%, The Great Disconnect Part 2

Fuel The 99%, The Great Disconnect Part 2

Mon, November 19, 201210:00 AM

Fuel the 99%, the great Disconnect part 2 is about regular people who’ve been cut off, and have been greatly disconnected from the decision making table. Hard working families have been cut off from heat, warm housing, jobs, education, reentry for their loved ones, safe streets, clean water, healthcare, and a healthy environment. Now, it’s time to get reconnected!

Every year the very long line at HEAP (Home Energy Assistance Program) on opening day is a living symbol of our disconnection from decisions concerning our survival.

Music has a long, and prolific history with us. It's been used for many purposes. Music can make you laugh, make you love, make you smile, make you move, make you cry, make you think, and make people take notice. Quite often is has been used as a vehicle for bringing people together for communal enlightenment. Fuel the 99%, the Great Disconnect part 2 is one such occasion.

The National Fuel Accountability Coalition is a coalition of groups dedicated to lowering heating bills, and reconnecting the disconnected to the process of building stronger communities!

Join us on HEAP opening day as we peacefully make people take notice of our great disconnection with song, and sound.


What: Fuel The 99%, The Great Disconnect Part 2

Where: Main & E. Mohawk Streets (downtown Buffalo)

When: Monday November 19, 2012 (10am-2pm)


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